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We are currently experiencing a higher than usual number of fans attempting to purchase tickets. In an effort to be completely fair to all fans we have developed this Virtual Waiting Room, used to randomly allow access to the ticketing system during busy times such as this when all visitors cannot be served simultaneously. You are currently in the pool to be randomly chosen to enter the site to purchase tickets. When we automatically refresh your browser, the system will randomly determine your status in the virtual waiting room. You will either be randomly selected to continue to your ticket purchase or you will remain in the virtual waiting room.

When you are selected you will automatically see a popup which you must click on to enter the site. You will have a very limited amount of time to respond to the popup otherwise you will have to return to the Virtual Waiting Room, so please remain near your computer. Make sure your computer speakers are turned on to hear periodic countdown beeps. Closing your browser and opening a new one will not improve your chances of entering the site; however, you are welcome to return at a later time when the site is not as busy.